Volume 10, Issue 3


Speaking device for deaf and dumb using PIC16F877A and APR Voice Module

M Neema
B.Tech Student, Dept of ECE, SKU College of Engineering & Technology, Anantapuramu, A.P, India.


Virtual Reality Paper Presentation Prepared By

K.S.R College Of Technology, K.S.R Kalivi Nagar Thiruchengodu, India.


A Novel Approach For The Renewable Energy Production Using(Awe)

S.Senthil Nathan, Divya Mogalie
Rmk Group Of Institutions, Affiliated To Anna University.


Experimental Investigation Of Strength And Characteristics Of Geopolymer Concrete By Using Flyash And Quarry Dust

Dr.R.Saravanan, Prof & head, S.Pragadeesh, A.Sakthivel, S.Santhosh, T.Sathish kumar
Department of civil engineering, Kings college of engineering, Punalkulam(Tk), Pudukottai(Dt).


Stream and convective warmth move qualities of water-based Al2O3 nanofluids in completely created laminar stream system

Mr. Rajesh Chandra Gupta
Dept. of Physics, Sanskriti University.


Advancing family vitality protection

Dr. Hemant Kumar
Dept. of Medical, Sanskriti University.


Auxiliary and physical properties of the residue particles and their impact on the PV board execution

Mr. Rajesh Chandra Gupta
Dept. of Physics, Sanskriti University.


Thermophysical Properties of Nanoparticles-Stage Change Material Structures for Warm Vitality Stockpiling

Dr. Mintu Tyagi
Dept. of Physics, Sanskriti University.


Ignition and NOx outflows qualities of a down-terminated 660- MWe utility evaporator retro-fitted with air-encompassing fuel idea

Mr. Ram Kumar Yadav
Dept, of Chemistry, Sanskriti University.


Vitality creation from biomass gasification advances

Mr. Krishan Raj Singh
Dept. of Biotech, Sanskriti University.