Programmed Lemonade Supplier Machine


Dr. P. N. Hrisheekesha, Dr. Ruchi Singla Chandigarh Engineering College, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Chandigarh.


The present paper introduces “A programmed lemonade supplier machine”. The machine has a microcontroller as a main part of it. The controller controls
different functions executed by the machine. “Lemonade” as the name suggests, it contains lemon as its foremost component. People have their different-different tastes, therefore this machine provides a feature to vary consistency of the solution with the help of push buttons. In the present paper, the model of “an automated lemonade dispenser machine” is deliberated, that pumps out 3 different fluids generally used to make lemonade and i.e sugary solution, acidic lemon juice and normal water. The designing of the machine is done by using different components like control unit (microcontroller), 3 pumping motors to drive varying amount of solutions into a container and a stirring motor mix all three solutions. This motor works for a particular time as programmed in programmer and rotates at satisfactory speed to form the resultant solution.