Execution of Face Detection Technique for Authentication of Electronic Card Transaction


Dr. P. N. Hrisheekesha, Campus Director Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chandigarh Engineering College, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Chandigarh.


This paper recommends a framework for an electronic card payment that integrates the facial identification and facial recognition by using the Haar Cascade and GLCM algorithms, correspondingly. The issue experienced by electronic card customers is that they are vulnerable to a number of privacy concerns, such as electronic cards. This can usually happen when consumers offer their electronic card numbers to unknown people or when cards are misplaced. This paper offers a framework by which the characteristics obtained from the picture selected throughout the transaction, taken by the customer to the e-commerce gateway will be referred to the training dataset characteristics of the corresponding customer. Features obtained from images contained in the information related to authentication purposes.