Characteristic confinement of Silver doped V2O5 thin films as Electrode for Electrochemical Capacitors


A.Sherin Fathima, I.Kartharinal Punithavathy, S.Johnson Jeyakumar , S.Joshua Gnanamuthu P.G. & Research Department of Physics, TBML College, Porayar.


V2O5 thin film electrodes were synthesized by sputtering method on ITO substrate. Electrochemical performance of Ag doped V2O5 thin film electrode before and after annealing was studied. The structure, morphology and surface wettability were characterized by XRD, SEM, AFM and contact angle measurement, respectively. The electrochemical properties were examined by cyclic voltammetry and Galvano static charge-discharge method. The specific
capacitance of V2O5 thin film electrode was decreased from 353 F/g to 301 F/g in 0.5M K2SO4 electrolyte at scan rate of 10 mV/s. Specific energy and specific power decreased from 4.2 Wh/kg to 2.9 Wh/kg and 10.87 kW/kg to 8.38 kW/kg, respectively.