A Design of High Frequency Power Supply Controlling System


Dr. Rajdeep Singh Chandigarh Engineering College, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Chandigarh.


The improvisation in power electronics devices is comparatively low, the enhancement in high frequency inverters are enormously limited. This work analyse the MSP-430 and IGBT features and hence constructs high frequency controlling network on the basis of MSP-430. PWM controlling waves is outcome into the application using MSP-430, and PWM waves is further improved by employing driving circuit that drives “half-bridged inverter” leading network constructed by deploying double IGBT elements. Controlling comprises of regulating frequency, flexible duty cycle and “dead time” flexible and few other characteristics of PWM waves. This construction appreciates reduction in losses and improvising the whole network efficiency. In the meantime, other network arrangements like driving and protecting networks into whole model also performs few analogous constructional explanation. Lastly, the construction of said controlling model is constructed further verified using IAR applications debugging. The final outcome proves that PWM controlling network on the basis of driving and protecting networks as obtained and said frequency, “duty cycle”, “dead time” of said PWM is adjustable. A concise analysis of advantage and disadvantage of whole network is described and few improvised process are also represented in this work.