A Cloud Based Healthcare Management System Using Attribute Based Encryption


K.Sakthi Vigneswari, T.Archana ,R.Shanmugapriya Velammal College Of Engineering And Technology, Madurai.


Nowadays, cloud storages are useful to various users around the world. This motivation becomes very large for all researchers for providing effective file sharing on the cloud environment. Many existing systems are in the under research for effective sharing of files on the cloud environment. Ciphertext-policy attributebased encryption (CPABE) has been a preferred encryption technology to solve the challenging problem of secure data sharing in cloud computing .In our project, the main motivation is provide effective file sharing among all users. The ciphertext components related to attributes could be shared by the files .Therefore, both ciphertext storage and time cost of encryption are saved. This technique proposes a new effective scheme named efficient file hierarchy attribute-based encryption. Here we store the timing cost of encryption and cipher text. Our experiment is the best secure scheme under the standard assumption and experimental simulation shows proposed scheme is highly effective and more conspicuous under the encryption and decryption when a number of files increase.